2013 Class Descriptions


Applied Remote Viewing 101: (Cheryl Costa) Once upon a time the US Army tried to develop ESP for intelligence gathering. While the processes they developed worked wonderfully. To the chagrin of generals, a side effect of the process turned tough combat hardened career officers into New Agers. Come and experience the process called Remote Viewing. (DEFENSE)

The Cost of the Journey: (Cheryl Costa) A woman once asked the Dali Lama what the best Buddhist vehicle was for becoming enlightened. His answer was simply, “You mean the cheapest.” Does a path to enlightenment and greater spiritual reward have to be extremely difficult and ascetic? Can the path to higher spiritual awareness be easier? (ELFLAND)

The “Fall”–Punishment, or Blessing? (Rosanna E. Tufts, MM, MMDA) A fresh look at Adam and Eve reveals hidden astrological connections your Sunday School teacher never knew! This slide show unites the Truth of God with the Mind of Man. Based on Rosanna’s forthcoming book, “Sane Christianity: A Primer for the Teen Child of a Pagan Mom.” (EVIL, DUALITY)

Grimm’s Fairy Tales: What Your Mother Didn’t Tell You! (Kenny Klein) Growing up, we all heard the stories of Snow White, Red Riding Hood, and Beauty and the Beast. But each of these tales comes from older, darker tales, and carries with it dark, erotic underpinnings. Kenny Klein explores the deep meanings of the tales collected by the Grimms, adding material from traditional songs and older myths to give a view of the real stories of these characters. Kenny Klein is a well known performer and presenter, and author of Through the Faerie Glass (Llewellyn 2010) and Fairy Tale Rituals (Llewellyn 2011). (ELFLAND)

HU: The Golden Thread (Jan Whiteley) Experience HU – an ancient name for the Divine – and discover why it has been called a golden thread “…so fine as to be invisible, yet so strong as to be unbreakable, which binds together all beings in all planes in all universes, through al time and beyond time into eternity.” (DEFENSE)

Intentions & Appearances — They Ain’t What They Used to Be! (Cheryl Costa) It’s been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It’s also been said that a pretty face can hide an evil mind. This discussion will explore some ill-fated good intentions. As well as some of the beautiful people who cause so much misery. (DUALITY)

Intro to Tambor: (LuAnn Day) Why tell stories, why rewrite the old tales with contemporary twists? A Tambor has traditional parts, the libation, the peristyle, the calling of the Orisha, the ancestors, the drawing of Veves, the holding of space for the diviners, and then the Spirits intervene and write a new story. In preparation for the Tambor to Ibeji, learn the parts and understand the faith. (EVIL, DUALITY, ELFLAND)

Karma — Why Bad Things Happen to Good People, and Vice Versa: (Cheryl Costa) 1944 – A B-17 bomber is torn to pieces while in flight. The tail section gently floats down to the ground the tail gunner is unharmed. 2012- A man walks into a crowded theater and shoots at it’s gathered humanity. We will discuss the misunderstood concept of karma in western terms. (EVIL)

Kenny Klein in Concert: (Kenny Klein) Kenny is a talented singer, songwriter, guitarist and an award winning fiddler who has recorded with well known musicians in the fields of Folk, Swing and Country music. Kenny’s songs are sometimes funny and clever, sometimes dramatic and poignant. Kenny has performed at festivals and renaissance faires including Starwood, Free Spirit Gathering, WicCan Fest, Heartland Pagan Festival, Brushwood Sirius Rising, Colorado Renaissance Festival, Northern and Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faires, Bristol Renaissance Faire, Maryland Renaissance faire, Genon, and Arizona Faerie Festival. To hear Kenny’s music visit http://kennyklein.net (ENTERTAINMENT)

Magical Bird Lore: (Kenny Klein) Every bird in the sky and the forest has magical lore associated with it. Find the enchantment of the wren, the owl, the raven and the robin according to Faerie lore, Gypsy tradition, Witchcraft and Pagan folklore. Learn why the wren is the king of the birds, and why you should never snub a sister in the forest! Who really gave Cinderella that dress, and why did the Wren kill Cock Robin? Kenny Klein is a folklorist, a storyteller and a singer who has collected magical folklore for four decades. (ELFLAND)

Mojo & Magic in Blues Music: (Kenny Klein) Blues is an American musical culture with roots in African, Irish and English folklore. Kenny Klein talks about the origins of Blues music, and its roots in voodoo lore and Southern magic, the essential Blues rhythms derived from Afro-Cuban drum patterns, and the magic and tribal origins of chant-and-dance traditions like the Mardi Gras Indians and Talking Blues, which evolved into Rap and Hip-Hop.We will look at the concepts of Overworld (Heaven) and Underworld (Hell) evident in the lyrics of Blues legends like Robert Johnson. (EVIL)

Morally Ambiguous Myths: “The Midwife’s Faery Eye.”: (Erica Shadowsong) Sometimes our myths of powerful beings can be quite disturbing — like the human midwife who cared for a Faery baby, only to have the baby’s father repay her with gross ingratitude! Explore the deeper meaning behind the myth in story, song, and art. (EVIL, ELFLAND)

Morally Ambiguous Myths: “I Am Lilith.”: (Erica Shadowsong) Lilith has been subject to feminist revision, but she still retains her terrible aspect. Explore the deeper meaning behind the myth in story, song, and art. (EVIL)

Morally Ambiguous Myths: “Loki’s Quarrel.”: (Erica Shadowsong) He’s the old Norse God of Chaos, which is why this verse does not rhyme, or scan… this classic trickster shows the brutal, two-edged truth of necessary dissidence. Explore the deeper meaning behind the myth in story, song, and art. (EVIL)

Morally Ambiguous Myths: “The Virgin’s Tree (Mbila).”: (Erica Shadowsong) Sacrificing one for the greater good of all — necessary evil, or morally reprehensible? Is this African myth the origin of “The Wicker Man”? Explore the deeper meaning behind the myth in story, song, and art. (EVIL)

Overworld & Underworld in Fairy Tales: (Kenny Klein) When familiar Fairy Tale heroes enter the forest, or climb into the heavens, we see a paradigm; these characters leave our physical world, and enter a world of magic and myth. Kenny will explore the notions of Underworld and Overworld in familiar stories, and draw comparisons to magical practice, to the Cabalah and the Bible, and to the Pagan practice of ritual. (ELFLAND)

Path of the Vintner / Wine & Cheese Party / Auction: An opportunity to meet a working vintner working with a non-profit and help Ecumenicon grow! (ENTERTAINMENT)

Puja to Shiva: (Rik Fire, Rosanna E. Tufts) As the Destroyer of Illusion, Shiva is one of your best allies in the dissolution of evil, with many parallels to St. Michael the Archangel. This ritual is conducted half in English, half in Sanskrit, in traditional Hindu style. (EVIL, DUALITY, DEFENSE)

Shamanic Technology for Treatment of Trauma: (Rik and Anna-Sara Fire) In shamanic worldview, it is believed that trauma affects the system of the being, on a mind, body, and spirit level. There are techniques and practices in shamanic technology, in which the practitioner can access the “other realm” on behalf of the client, and develop an intervention treatment plan. Shamanic healing must be offered to all for the highest and best good. This workshop will discuss the primary shamanic modalities used in the treatment of trauma, including journeywork, extraction, soul retrieval, energy work, and depossession. (EVIL, DEFENSE — THIS CLASS ELIGIBLE FOR CEU CREDIT FOR CLERGY: $15 Class Fee)

Signposts of Evil: (Rosanna E. Tufts, MM, MMDA) Can you tell from someone’s astrology chart, or handwriting sample, whether they are likely to commit heinous acts? The charts of infamous people and events reveal their motivations. Forewarned is fore-armed! (EVIL, DUALITY, DEFENSE)

So This is your 1st Ecumenicon? (Lady Luna Rose) Ecumenicon Conference is a combination of seminary, meditative journey, and family reunion. If this is your first time, come to this introductory map of the conference, its history, and hints for how you can get the most out of it. (ALL TRACKS — This workshop will be presented both Friday and Saturday mornings.)

Spellwork in Motion (Tabitha Pierzchala) Explore the use of dance and movement in raising and focusing energy. We will start with using simple dance steps and movements to ground and center, and to establish sacred space.  Then we dance our intentions into focus and play with moving around and through things that block our progress. (EVIL, DEFENSE)

Spirits of Mischief (Global Trance Possession Rite) (Firesong) Honor the Spirits of Mischief with drumming, dance, song, and art. 
This is a Pantheistic working, so we will honor Spirits from around the globe and sing in their native languages when possible. If you wish, you may honor a Spirit who is the “Mischief Maker” of their pantheon. This is an open circle. (EVIL, DUALITY)

Tambor to Ibeji: (LuAnn Day) Twins are sacred in African tradition, and there are stories of one being immortal and the other mortal, with neither ever knowing. They are tied at birth with a twinned soul which connects them even if one dies. This story is about the blessings they bring. It takes a village to raise these first twins, the Ibeji, the child that is born after with a special name, and how they bring healing when life’s circumstances may be tragic. Come and be a part of this retelling of their birth, childhood, and the family of the village. (EVIL, DUALITY, ELFLAND)

Tesla — His Devils and Angels: (Pan Orpheus) Alternating current, telephone poles, remote control, neon lighting…for a man whose inventions created our modern age, Teslas’s demonization by JP Morgan and Thomas Edison reads like a mystery thriller. But he had some Angels on his side too, like Swami Vivekananda — and a white pigeon. (DUALITY)

Tibetan Protection Techniques: (Cheryl Costa) You’re in a strange land, the local gods, demons and nature spirits are unfamiliar to you, not to mention hostile as well. Plus the place is infested with Zombies to boot. What would you do? A better question is; What would the Tibetans do? (DEFENSE)

Touching the Great Knowledge: (Cheryl Costa) How do Tibetan Lamas do it, how did the ancients do it, how did Einstein, Tesla do it? This lecture will reexamine the younger self as a channel to the Great Knowledge and some recently discovered clues that suggest how and when to connect yourself to All That Is. (ELFLAND)

Transforming Evil: (Rose) We will explore emotional aikido techniques to repel and dissolve negative energy from others, plus learn ways to transform experiences with people mired in pain/anger/fear from darkness and constriction to creativity and light. We will also look at why people choose to surrender to darkness and how we can encourage them to change that decision. It is possible to deal with evil effectively without using matching violence or destructiveness. We can also learn from evil and turn it into a resource and guidepost towards growth in our lives. (EVIL, DEFENSE)

Watchers at the Crossroads: (Charles Butler Neto–connecting to us through the Magick of SKYPE!) Do you ever feel a spirit at your shoulder, begging for attention, or perhaps a sense of presence when you go to somewhere late at night? These are the Exus (Eshus) and the Pombagiras, those who dance in circles at the dark of the moon, who give voice to your fears and your dreams. Everyone has their own spirit of conscience, but not all honor them. The African diaspora traditions in Brazil all give them space at the doorway and throughout life. (DUALITY)

Where Angels Fear to Tread: (Rev. Skip Koritzer) Evil has struck your community. Somebody’s gone postal, and you’ve been called onto the scene of mayhem. You have to counsel and comfort the traumatized, right there on the spot. Would YOU know what to do? In these days of random violence, learn how to bring Peace, Hope, and Blessings to the traumatized as Action Clergy in emergency situations. (EVIL, DEFENSE — THIS CLASS ELIGIBLE FOR CEU CREDIT FOR CLERGY: $15 Class Fee)

Yoga: (Rev. Anna-Sara Fire) Balance your Spirit and Body for the whole day! (DUALTY)

100-Overview – Beginner’s – Open to everyone.
200-Intermediate (Vocabulary knowledge is assumed)


Classes may fit across more than one theme.

Taking 3 classes in a single theme constitutes a Minor. Be sure to answer the questions prepared by the teacher.

Taking 5 classes in a single theme constitutes a Major. Be sure to answer the questions prepared by the teacher.

For our ongoing Interfaith Studies Certificate program, See the Ecumenicon School Tab.

If you are Ecumenicon Clergy and need classes for your ongoing Counseling CEU requirement, two classes are being taught by Ecumenicon designated counselors.
Shamanic Technology for the Treatment of Trauma (Rik and Anna-Sara Fire) & Where Angels Fear to Tread (Skip Koritzer)