Ecumenicon 2014 – The Tower


Reserve the Date – April 24 (Thursday) – April 27 (Sunday), 2014

Next year’s conference theme is
“The Tower – When Your World Turns Upside Down.”


Every faith challenges one to hold on when the foundations crumble. Does one remain calm and serene, taking changes as the eternal present, does one look for the Divine with you, the lesson of the Jews in the Holocaust, does one say “God is greater” as Islam declares five times a day. Wicca declares that we live in the flow of nature, and to be prepared for change. In Asatru one has the virtue of perseverance in the middle of difficulty, the African traditions connect to the Ancestors as they have weathered the storm. We will have classes that explore what each tradition has to say during times of cataclysm, rebirth of a tradition, and changes of mind.


If you interested in being a teacher, go to the TEACHER pages and apply to Rosanna Tufts at Rosanna-108 @ for a teacher packet and directions.

ECUMENICON 2013 – The Year continues

Ecumenicon Conference for 2013 is now over. We had an inspiring time and invite all of you back.

If you wish a memory of this past year – The Question of Evil – you may have it as a T-shirt.


If you wish a memory of 2012, the image of Temperance is available as a t-shirt.

$25.00 all sizes.
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Comfort Inn
4050 Powder Mill Road
Beltsville, MD

Info call Rosanna Tufts at 443-860-9604



We have booked the Comfort Inn for 2014. April 24 (Thursday) through April 27 (Sunday). Please wait for details.


From North (Laurel, Columbia, Baltimore and points north) – Take I-95 south from Baltimore to Exit 29B (Powder Mill Road). Go to the first possible right off of the exit and turn right into the GIANT Food parking lot. The hotel is down the hill to your right.

From West (Rockville or Silver Spring, MD) – Take I-495 (Beltway) to I-95 North toward Baltimore. On I-95 go to Exit 29B (Powder Mill Road (second exit from this direction) and cross the Bridge. Once you have crossed the bridge, look for your first right and turn into the GIANT food parking lot. The hotel is down the hill to your right. (NOTE, this is NOT Exit 29B from I-495).

1) We are looking for the last weekend in April of 2013.
2) We are in a hotel that is ADA approved, with no stairs, so mobility accessibility is assured.
3) We will have more panels comparing more faiths so that everyone is heard.

We will have child-friendly classes, and there are some classes with Nature themes being planned.


Teachers are being reviewed for 2013, please write Rosanna Tufts for guidelines.

We will post teachers as accepted.

Teaching at Ecumenicon in future years…

Teacher packets will soon be available for 2013, The Question of Evil. Write Rosanna Tufts at Rosanna108 @ or contact her at (443) 860-9604.

Tracking Classes …. now what did I take and why?

Ecumenicon School of Interfaith Studies is working within a continuing education certificate model. All classes are tracked by subject matter, teacher, and year taught to enable a student to get a well-rounded certificate which will eventually carry CEU points for transfer. See our School Page. Many classes being prepared will have pre-registration and reading assignments, so sign up early. We will also have on-line classes throughout the year so that we can offer more advanced courses beyond the basics we include in our conference.