Donations & Fundraising Ideas For The Construction of Churches

Churches and other houses of worship are sometimes in need of upgrades, renovations and new buildings altogether. Churches are rarely built to capacity, meaning that they are always adding on to the existing structures to accommodate church growth. Churches as stated by ICON, can handle this in a number of different ways, and they often start was is designated as a ‘building fund.’

Most commonly, churches often take up either a separate offering for the building fund, or they designate a portion of the main offering to go towards the building fund. My mom’s church currently does this, and they have separate envelopes for the building fund. Of course, sometimes churches aren’t able to raise enough money through offerings to actually take care of new construction costs.

Churches often make special announcements about their plans for construction in an effort to get more contributions from the congregation. Churches also take out loans, and as a matter of fact, the last church I went to had done that a few years before. They would make the loan payment out of the offerings that were collected, and they would give the church an update when they discussed the budget at the beginning of each month.

Churches also often have people donate materials and/or services in regards to construction. Aside from all those things, churches also can hold all kinds of fundraisers, like car washes, bake sales, fall festivals, chili suppers, auctions and more.

A church I used to go to a long time ago would have an annual chili supper and auction, with items donated from all kinds of people in the community. All the proceeds would go to the church, so you can imagine that can stir up quite a bit of money for a church.

An ice cream social is another way that a church can raise money. The car wash really is a good idea because it can get the youth involved in helping raise money for the church. Churches can also sell candy bars, which provides the advantage of going door to door. Anything that opens you up to the entire community can help garner exposure and make more money for a fundraiser.

Another idea is to sell BBQ chicken plates with sides and a roll. You can sell tickets in advance, and you can sell them from your location as well if you have a good spot in town. We did this one year for the youth group in order to raise money for a ski trip. As you can see, there are quite a few ideas when it comes to raising money for church construction purposes.