Ecumenicon Fellowship

The Ecumenicon Fellowship is a registered interfaith church in the State of Maryland. The organization is dedicated to advancing human spiritual evolution through work, study, worship and education.

Vision Statement

Ecumenicon Fellowship is an interfaith religious association fostering spiritual evolution through mutual respect and study. The Ecumenicon School of Religious Education, the Fellowship’s educational outreach, is a school without walls fostering leadership training in ritual, theology, and spiritual counsel. Ecumenicon Interfaith Conference, the Fellowship’s annual education event, is a multi-faith gathering fostering understanding and mutual support of various positive faith traditions.

Now in our 20th year, we have explored many aspects of faith journeying including: birth, death, rebirth, conflict resolution, comparative theology, sacred dance, ritual, healing, prophecy, pastoral care, sacred scripture, role play, trance work, magic, child care, music, and sacred sexuality.

We have welcomed presenters from Asatru, Buddhist, Christian, Cherokee, Dragon, Druidic, Eclectic, Egyptian, Faerie, Fairy, Gnostic, Hindu, Humanist, Huna, Interfaith, Ifa, Jewish, Lakota, Muslim, New Age, Norse, Radical Faerie, Sami, Strega, Sufi, Syncretic, Tantric, Tibetan, Universalist, Voudoun, Wicca, and Zoroastrian faith traditions.

There is a place for everyone at our table, so pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.