How to Select a Disability Lawyer

If you are denied Social Security disability benefits, hire a reputable disability lawyer to handle your appeal. You are not required to hire a lawyer, but hiring one increases your chances of getting approved for benefits. However, it is hard to pick the right lawyer because the Social Security Administration has suspended or disqualified some of these lawyers. So, they no longer represent people.

Here is how to select a disability lawyer.

  1. Experience at the Hearing Process
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Hiring a lawyer increases your chances because most of these lawyers have extensive experience with the appeal hearing process. They have enough experience, so they have specialized skills. They can win your appeal easily. Furthermore, they know how to work through the process correctly. And they do not add any more difficulties to your appeal.

  1. Professionalism and Courtesy

When you are talking to a potential lawyer, pay close attention to how the lawyer treats you and the level of professionalism. Most lawyers are very busy, but they should create more time for you. If you have questions, they should be there to answer them. Do not select a lawyer who is always busy. Make sure the lawyer behaves professionally when he or she is with you.

  1. Lawyer Access

Call several lawyers. Some of these lawyers pick their calls and others do not. If the lawyer does not pick his or her calls, do not let it discourage you. The best lawyers have assistants because they spend most of their time in hearings, so they let these assistants receive their calls. The good thing is that some of the best lawyers schedule a free consultation with their potential clients. You can learn more about the lawyer during these free consultations.

  1. Promises of Outcomes

Disability attorneys do not guarantee you will be approved. In fact, it is unfair and unethical to you to guarantee it. The best lawyers review all the facts. Then, they give you an honest assessment of your case. Some lawyers may tell you it might take a long time to get approved. The best lawyers meet all the deadlines. And they request and submit all your records on time.

  1. Approval Rates

Before selecting a disability lawyer, check the approval rate of that lawyer. Ask several lawyers about their approval rates. Pick a lawyer that has a high approval rate. Why? It increases the chances of getting approved for the benefits. The best lawyers are willing and able to share their statistics.

You now know how to select the right disability lawyer.