Repentance and the Word of God


In an early Sunday morning, I attended a mass in a clean and convenient church. I was reminded of which I visited days ago where I used to call for their services to clean my backyard. And to my surprise, the priest started talking about cleaning oneself from sins. The highlight of the mass is presented on the following paragraphs.

The priest said one cannot go back to the past and change it the way he wants it to be. God himself cannot change history. What has been done has been done. What God offers us through Christ is release from the guilt of past sins. Many people are haunted by the past. Much as they want to start a new life and try to forget what has happened, they cannot erase the guilt of their previous mistake.


For some people, with less conscience, find that they can easily forget their past. They are like the adulteress in the Book of Proverbs (30:20) who “eats and wipes her mouth and say: I have done no wrong.” But such negligence does not break the series of real guilt. Some years ago, there is news about robbers who assaulted a train, injured the driver for life, and escaped with millions of pounds of money to a place where no one can identify them. There they bribed the authorities not to deport them. Perhaps the robbers now feel no guilt over their crime. But that makes no difference to the fact that if they return to where they committed the crime, they would immediately be prosecuted and imprisoned.


Time will come that every man and women will find themselves in God’s court. A person will not have wiped out the past regardless of years past or a conveniently short memory. The chain will remain eternal unless they will have allowed Christ to remove the guilt that chains them to their past.


Redemption signifies that God can break those chains for us in this life if we will repent. The act of breaking the chain is called forgiveness. The most frequent word for forgiveness in the original Greek of the New Testament is (aphesis) means ‘release’ or ‘discharge.’ Forgiveness is the key to redeeming you from guilt. It is a word that is used of releasing someone from prison, or of discharging a debtor, or of setting a slave free. And the cost of this release is paid by Christ because he died on the cross to save us from our sins.


Now Christ has paid the ransom to deliver people from the guilt of their sins and gave them freedom. And that God give to all who repent and put their faith in Christ the gift of Holy Spirit to enrich them with an eternal inheritance.