Services Offered By A Lactation Specialist

One of the common problems that new mothers encounter after childbirth is breastfeeding. Although it looks like a simple act, there is always more than what meets the eye. While several moms have it easy, the more significant percentage will still require help from a lactation specialist.

The professionals play a vital role during this period as they offer education and guidance for the infants to get milk and in the proper way. However, many times mothers suffer in silence as they assume that since breastfeeding is a natural process, everything should go well. It is essential to identify problems and then call for help before you start depriving your baby of its right.

Immediately after delivery, particularly within the first week, is when you can determine whether you have breastfeeding problems or not. There are a variety of signs to give you a clue like sore nipples, delayed onset of milk, and improper latching.

On other occasions, babies are born prematurely hence insufficient energy to facilitate breastfeeding. Although you can get advice from people with experience, the best help has to come from an expert. The specialists come to your aid, and the first thing they do is assess the situation. Different mothers face different problems, and it is unlikely to have all the issues in one patient.

During your visit to the lactation specialist, you will get to learn so many lessons that will benefit both you and the baby. The first thing they do is undertake you through the importance of breast milk and breastfeeding. It gives you a bigger and better reason to engage more in the act rather than opting for formula.

Secondly, they will offer a solution to the specific challenge that you are currently facing. If it’s latching, you get to learn how to position the baby for it to hold on the nipple properly. Also, you will get tips on how to boost milk production to ensure the baby feeds sufficiently. In situations where babies have medical conditions like cleft palate or immaturity, you will learn how to feed them as well.

Later, when time progresses, and the baby becomes older, you will still be in a position to select a pump or feeding bottle wisely.

With the assistance of a lactation specialist, you have a guarantee of feeding your baby well and in the right quantity. Breast milk is a valuable commodity, and not even a drop should get spilled due to the inability to lactate well.