What Is The Biblical Law On Divorce?

So what does the Scripture say about divorce? Many people believe that the Bible is the authoritative word of God and should be followed to the letter. Although this is true for many that follow the Christian religion, does it actually have an application in our modern world. More specifically, do Christians actually follow what the Bible says about marriage and divorce, or are practicing, family law lawyers say Christians today merely using it for reference. Let’s take a look at what the Biblical law on divorce actually is, and how it applies in our world today.

What The Scriptures Say

First of all, let’s look at some Scripture that can be found in the book of Mark. Mark 10:2-12 clearly states that once you are married, you are bound for life, despite the fact that Moses allowed divorce to occur. If we are under the rules and regulations of the New Testament per the words of Jesus, it is clear that the Scriptures state that not only is divorce wrong, but that if you or your spouse marry another person, you are committing adultery against them. In the book of Romans, versus 2-3, the apostle Paul states that marriage can only be dissolved if a spouse dies. It is only death that releases a person from the bonds of marriage, and the remaining spouse is not bound by the law in any way and therefore can remarry without committing adultery.


How Does This Apply Today

In our world today, there is a much different system going on, one that seems to go against the teachings of the Bible. If it is true that you cannot divorce unless one spouse dies, and that you are committing adultery if you divorce and they are still living, it would seem that many people are living in sin today. Therefore, if you want to truly live a Christian life, one that abides by the teachings of God and you are unhappily married, you must do whatever you can to resolve the issues that you currently have because, unless your spouse dies, you are bound to them for life regardless of the unhappiness that you are experiencing.

Based on this assessment of what the Bible teaches in regard to marriage and divorce, it would seem to be negating the fact that unhappy couples, even people that are in abusive relationships, would still be bound to that other person by the laws of God. However, just as tattoos were once considered something worthy of death, and yet they are accepted and very prominent today, it would seem that perhaps common sense might override teachings that may have been for a different time, especially when it comes to following the greatest commandment, loving one another, in regard to ending a relationship with someone who you simply do not love anymore.